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Automotive Industry Scores Billions for Their Polluting Hybrids from European Recovery Fund

European car manufacturers are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the European Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF). These Brussels billions have been earmarked to accelerate the green transition. Problem is, part of these automotive investments could actually extend fossil fuel use, and with it, the stifling dependence on Russian gas and oil.

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INTERVIEW: “Panama Papers Marked a Change in Journalistic Behavior” – Frederik Obermaier

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Frederik Obermaier: Offshore companies create a parallel world. We have the normal world where people on main street, you and me are living, and then you have to be parallel, offshore world, where the richest and super richest basically decide which laws they want to stick to and which ones not.

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Brussels Conceals Records on Recovery Billions, Despite Transparency Pledge

English|09 iun., 2022|

EU member states and the European Commission negotiated behind closed doors on how to spend the Covid-19 recovery fund’s 723.8 billion euros. Journalists from across the bloc requested that the Commission provide insight into those discussions. But even though it pays lip service to the importance of transparency, the Commission is refusing to disclose hundreds of documents.

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