English    |Yana Skoryna13 ian., 2023

Official: Russia’s actions against children amount to war crimes, genocide

A Ukrainian human rights official who visited what he described as “children's torture chambers” in Kherson after Russian forces fled says charges should be tried separately from other war crimes if brought before an international court.

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“Hell on earth”: Civilians recount Russia’s deadly Dnipro strike

Context, crime de razboi, English|30 ian., 2023|

When air-raid sirens rang out over Ukraine’s southeastern city of Dnipro on a Saturday afternoon in mid-January, many continued with their daily tasks. Almost everyone, nearly a year after Russia launched its invasion, had grown accustomed to hearing the high-pitched battle warnings. Then the Russian missile struck.

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Russia War Crimes Diary – Ukraine edition 14

English|17 ian., 2023|

Russian missiles this weekend struck a residential apartment block in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro where 1,700 people reportedly lived and left at least 40 people dead, Ukrainian authorities said. It is the deadliest attack on civilians in the war-torn country in months.

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Russian War Crimes Diary: Ukraine edition 13

English|04 ian., 2023|

More than 10,000 Ukrainian children have been illegally deported to Russia, placed in orphanages or sanatoriums, and many ultimately adopted by Russian families, according to a report carried out by The Washington Post.

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Russian War Crimes Diary: Ukraine edition 11

English|16 dec., 2022|

As Moscow’s forces continue to bombard Ukraine with targeted attacks on energy infrastructure as winter takes hold, the embattled nation is making strides in its aerial defenses, according to the Ukrainian President.

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Russian War Crimes Diary: Ukraine edition 10

English|14 dec., 2022|

Nearly 300 days have passed since Russia launched its bloody incursion into neighboring Ukraine. Since then, many Ukrainians count the war in days as a wry nod to Moscow’s failure to capture the capital Kyiv, in just three days as it had expected.

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Russian War Crimes Diary: Ukraine edition 8

English|25 nov., 2022|

The European Parliament this week voted overwhelmingly to recognise Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, a move it said spotlighted “the atrocities carried out by Vladimir Putin’s regime against Ukrainian civilians,” and pushes for Russia’s further isolation internationally.

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Russian War Crimes Diary: Ukraine edition 7

English|18 nov., 2022|

As Russia’s war in Ukraine drags into its ninth month, Moscow’s forces have this week been bombarding Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in the hope to leave the war-torn nation in the cold and dark as winter begins to grip.

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Russian War Crimes Diary: Ukraine edition 6

English|10 nov., 2022|

Despite Russia intensifying its threat of new attacks, Ukraine continues its fight as it receives strong support from the U.S. and much of the western world. But as the war drags on, a key element is that of documenting Russian war crimes in detail – especially from de-occupied areas – which reporters from all over the world continue to do.

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Russian War Crimes Diary: Ukraine edition 5

English|02 nov., 2022|

As Russia’s war in Ukraine drags on into its ninth month, concerns are growing over how the war-torn country can counter a Russian push to destroy energy infrastructure, triggering blackouts which risks leaving millions of Ukrainians in the dark without heating as winter approaches.

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Russian War Crimes Diary: Ukraine edition 2

English|05 oct., 2022|

Since Russia launched its invasion on Ukraine on 24 February, much of the Western world has faced down Moscow’s aims by rallying together to supply the war-torn nation with an unprecedented level of humanitarian and military aid.

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Automotive Industry Scores Billions for Their Polluting Hybrids from European Recovery Fund

English|09 iun., 2022|

European car manufacturers are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the European Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF). These Brussels billions have been earmarked to accelerate the green transition. Problem is, part of these automotive investments could actually extend fossil fuel use, and with it, the stifling dependence on Russian gas and oil.

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Brussels Conceals Records on Recovery Billions, Despite Transparency Pledge

English|09 iun., 2022|

EU member states and the European Commission negotiated behind closed doors on how to spend the Covid-19 recovery fund’s 723.8 billion euros. Journalists from across the bloc requested that the Commission provide insight into those discussions. But even though it pays lip service to the importance of transparency, the Commission is refusing to disclose hundreds of documents.

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